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Innosilicon A4+ 620m LTC Dogecoin Scrypt Miner

Short Description:

Power Consumption: 0.75kwh/h
Income: DOGE+LTC
1M ≈ 0.03914386 DOGE /Day
1M ≈ 0.00001685 LTC /Day
Hashrate: 620M

Global Warranty
Free Technical Support For Half A Year

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Product Name Innosilicon A4+ 620MH
Algorithm Scrypt
Hashrate 620Mh
Power Consumption 750W±10%

about this miner

Surpassing its predecessor by a big margin, A4+ reaches a spectacular 620Mh/s (+/- 8%), with 750W (+/- 8% @25℃) at the wall, offer its customers best mining competitive advantage, significantly lower operating cost, higher ROI, and longevity. It has a small form factor, low noise, better quality and more reliable, designed to win and possess best ever resell values.


The A6 LTCMaster works with the Script algorithm. Litecoin is mined on the Scrypt algorithm. Scrypt is a hashing algorithm that is used on Proof of Work blockchains. It is a memory-hard key-derivation function. This kind of process requires a large quantity of RAM for computation. That means an ASIC chip used for computing Bitcoin's SHA-256 Proof of Work (PoW) would need to keep an amount of space for RAM instead of hashing power.

Fan and Cooling

The cooling method is an essential feature of ASIC miners due to the devices' high input and efficiency. Miners have the potential of overheating while working. Manufacturers like Innosilicon curb overheating by equipping miners with adequate cooling methods. The A4+ LTC Master has two 12cm 12C3.4A fans, one at the front and one at the back. This fan arrangement is like the previous miner's arrangement is quite efficient in reducing overheating.

Noise Level

Noise is an essential factor for getting a miner. If you are looking to buy the A6 LTCMaster for mining at home, the device can be quite noisy. In normal mining operations during the day, the measured noise about 20cm away from the device is 82dB. To better understand this, most miners come with standard 60 — 80dB noise levels. 80dB sound is equivalent to a city during the day. The miner is better used in mining farms.


Profitability is the primary purpose of getting an ASIC miner. To accurately calculate the profitability of this device, you should deduct the electricity cost of the area. Also, market conditions affect miner profitability.

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