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Bitmain Antminer D7 1286Gh_S 1.286Th_S Dash Coin For X11 Miner

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Power Consumption: 3.148kwh/h
Income: 1G ≈ 0.00044055 DASH /Day
Hashrate: 1286G

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Product Name  Antminer D7
Algorithm  X11
Hashrate  1286GH/s
Power Consumption  3148W
Miner Size (Length*Width*Hight, w/o package), mm  400*195.5*290
Net weight, kg  14.20
Miner Size (Length*Width*Hight, with package), mm  570*316*430
Gross weight, kg  15.80
Release  October 2021
Size  400 x 195 x 290mm
Noise level  75db
Fan(s)  4
Power  3148W
Voltage  12V
Interface  Ethernet
Temperature  5 - 45 °C
Humidity  5 - 95 %

Antminer D7: next level mining

The Chinese flagship in the production of advanced mining devices Bitmain knows firsthand what mining is, and continues to pleasantly surprise its customers with promising new products. So, at the conference, which took place on June 19 this year, the company presented a new “earner” of litecoins and dojcoins - L7. The hash rate of the device was as much as 9500 Megahash per second, which is equal in power to 19 L3 + pieces. Along the way, at the same event, Bitmain representatives announced the release of a device for mining bitcoin with water cooling and 5nm chips, as well as a new ASIC for mining Dash coins - Antminer D7.

Is it profitable to “dig” Dash?

Dash cryptocurrency is mined by special miners focused on solving the X11 hash function, which is used to protect the Dash network. When the miner finds a hashed result that meets the network complexity requirements, the system is notified of this. After confirmation, the miner receives a reward in the Dash cryptocurrency. It must be said that the use of an ASIC for the extraction of this coin is a prerequisite. It is not possible to “dig” Dash using a cryptocurrency farm.

The process of mining Dash with ASIC is simple and consists of three stages:
· Connecting the miner and setting it up;
· Dash cryptocurrency wallet download;
· Connection to a mining pool.

How profitable is mining Dash cryptocurrency? 

As is the case with other digital assets (including bitcoin mining), the cost of electricity and the capacity of equipment affect profitability. As we will see later, the technical equipment of the new ASIC will allow its owner to mine this coin with a tangible profit. You can get acquainted with the income level from D7 in the “Online calculator” section of the “Asik Trade” website (ONLINE PROFITABILITY CALCULATOR FOR MINING EQUIPMENT - ASICTRADE).

Antminer D7: device characteristics

The new product from Bitmain has the following parameters:
miner version: D7;
working algorithm: X11;
hashing speed: 1286 Gigahesh per second (power equal to 65 D3 pieces);
wall power: 3148 watts;
miner dimensions: 400 mm x 195.5 mm x 290 mm (without packaging); 570 mm x 316 mm x 430 mm (with packaging);
net weight: 14.20 kg;
gross weight: 15.80 kg.
The delivery set of the asic miner D7 also includes a power supply device, but without a cord (it will need to be purchased additionally) 

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