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Goldshell Kd5 18t KDA Kadena Miner

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Power Consumption: 2.25kwh/h
Income: 1T ≈ 0.44519083 KDA /Day
Hashrate: 18T

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Product Name  Goldshell KD5 18t
Algorithm  Kadena
Hashrate  18T
Power Consumption  2250W
Release  March 2021
Top Coin  Kadena
Size  200 x 264 x 290mm
Weight  8500g
Noise level  80db
Fan(s)  2
Power  2250W
Voltage  176~264V
Interface  Ethernet
Temperature  5 - 35 °C
Humidity  5 - 95 %

Goldshell KD5 Miner Specification

KD5 Kadena miner from manufacturer Goldshell was first released on March 2021 that has maximum hashrate of 18Th/s. It weights about 8.5kg. I consumes 2250 Watts with voltages between 176 Volts to 264 Volts. This means you will need 220 Volts 2 phase power to run in the US. Your standard 110 Volts outlets will not work. KD5's noise level is 80db with 2 fans. This is compare to 72 dB for noisy Bitmain's Antminer L3+ with single fan. I would not recommend running KD5 miner inside your home. It will be too loud.
Goldshell KD5 Mining Setup and Pools:

Kadena can be efficiently mined with ASIC miners. Kadena cannot be efficiently mined with CPUs, GPUs and FPGA miners. We recommend Kadena full node wallet. After installing it, click Receive to get your new wallet address. You can also choose an exchange, such as Hotbit or Bittrex. I will provide link to sign up for Hotbit and Bittrex if you do not have one.
Goldshell KD5 can be mined from Asic pool. You’ll need to enter the following information in your mining device:
URL: stratum+tcp://
Username: walletAddress.workerName
Password: Your choice

Type of Coin to Mine and Profitability

Only coin that can be mined with Goldshell KD5 is Kadena (KDA). This is great risk you take. If Goldshell or other manifacture in the near future release Kadena based algorithm miners, your profitability will drop like a rock. Be warned that is great risk you take by buying a single minable coin. Many manifactures mostly Bitmain is very greedy and known to sell thousands of miners in batches. They do not care about profitablity of their customers. They just want to sell as many miners as possible to make money for themselves.

Kadena Daily Profitability

With today's KDA price of 1.9 USD and KDA network hashrate of 31.27 PHash/sec, you can earn 2 KDA per hour and 49.5 KDA per day at estimated income of $95.9 USD. With electricity cost of $0.10 USD per Kilowatt hour, you will be spending $5.40 on electricity per day. This reduces your daily profit to $90.5. Remember as time goes on KDA network hash rate is going to go up. This will reduced how much KDA you earn per day. Also, given as of shooting this video we are nearing the cryptocurrency bull run, expect the price of KDA tokens to drop as end of the cryptocurrency bull run.

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